Original Technology invented by Lector

inventor of Hybrid Tube-solid state technology


We design software and hardware for our actual production (CDP,amplifier,digital design) based all-in-house manufacture and design product from a high experience in precision mechanical solution come from Tone-arm production due past years.

This is some sector-company develop inself-in-house :

1) electronic design R & D

2) mechanical design R & D

3) prototipization of printed circuit board and design pcb by cad

4) software development for cd player and dvd player and  amplifier/preamplifier

5) internal factory assembly off all parts: pcb/units

6) testing and measurement of products as CE-compilant and audio testing

7) audio test evinroment by listenig and compare the products with other competitors

Actualy we have patendet-copyright three trade brand:

The first one is Lector brand that manufacture audio hi-fi hi-end and digital-hi-end products with Tube-valve technology

Reference web site is: http://www.docet-lector.com