T h e     A l  p h a t o p   S i g n a t u r  e

true reference top loading cd player


All solid state design

The  Alphatop signature is a top loading cd-player with separate power supply unit

This top loading cd player incorporates total new technology around hi-resolution digital to analog converter with upsampling by digital signal processor technique (DSP). The circuity uses a discrete device amplifier for output stage, this active device has been  selected at very low noise operation and tracking precision for both stereo channels at better than 0.1 db ! For best clear,detailed and smooth sound no one capacitors are in the signal path: the analog output is dc operation. A solid shielded cabinet (aluminium for aereonautic applications)  has tickness of  2.0 mm to reduce interference from emc field for a better signal to noise ratio.


Great attention by designer has been focused on design of  power supply, this circuitry operates with over four-thousand microfarad capacitors for reduce  noise and best reservoir energy, this hi value capacitors works together with  special ultra low noise voltage regulator devices as shunt-parallel technology.


C O N V E N I E N C E    and   O P T I O N A L

  • Low noise selected solid state devices

  • Hi-shielded metal frame chassis as aereonautic aluminium die cast

  • Separate power supply unit for reduce metal magnetics effect ( three toroidal transformer)

  • Original read-out cd mechanism solution

  • SPDIF output digital RCA teflon insulated gold plated connector

  • Power supply swicth for display (On/Off)

  • Black ash "piano finish" plexiglass front panel as 8 mm tickness

  • Slider top loading cd room door

  • Cherry wood sides on series for main unit and power supply

  • VIBRATION   SYSTEM   DISC   CONTROL   SPINDLE :  only on Lector CD player!

          O p t i o n a l    m o d u l e s

  • AES-EBU XLR digital output

  • Opto Toslink digital output

  • Opto ST-II professional digital output

  • Audio Analog balanced output


   S P E C I F I C A T I O N

(all measure by Audio Precision System One @ 230 V ac)


 Genuine Top loading CD player with separate power supply


24 bit 192 khz by  DSP  upsamplig, discrete Fet  output  analog

THD distorsion

better than 0.01 %

Frequency Response

20 - 22 Khz      +/- 1.5 db

Noise ratio

105 db ( A )

Output Impedance

150 ohm

Voltage available

Power supply unit  @: 230-240 Vac / 110-120 Vac / 100V ac all voltage at 50 - 60 Hz

Overall Dimension and weight

440 x 105 x 300 (L x H x D mm) for main unit

Power supply: 240 x 85 x 300 ( L x H x D mm)

weight  12  Kg  net


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